The sensation to listen to the sea at the time of to sleep, dancing to the border of the beach and to relax in luxurious comfortable rooms specifically prepared for you and their family waits for these vacations to it in KORFOS KORINTHIAS GREECE so that you and their family fulfills that dream so wished...

The personnel of the Valera Hotel, is dedicated to that their arrival in our facilities is pleasant, comfortable and of great pleasure. We took pains from the moment of its arrival, so that it is taken care of in special form. .



In the prefecture Corinthus, antaoljka', is found the Korfos. A graphic islander village 1 hour long from Athens, open in spotless waters of Sarwnjkoy', syndja'zontas thus sea and mountain. A particular part that ensures calm and carefree interruptions. His near distance with Athens (Korinthia is the alone prefecture of Peloponnese that borders on Attica), it even offers first class occasions for campaigns, daily, from the capital. Apart of this his small distance exist very important archaeological spaces, the Epidaurus that apart from the famous ancient theatre where each summertime you can enjoy representations of ancient drama, are organised also a lot of cultural events. Also other parts of tourist interest are the ancient Corinthus with the Akroko'rjnco, Nemea, where at the delivery the Irakli's killed the lion realising one from his feats, the Sjkyw'na, the J'scmja and the Iraj'o. Jamatjka' baths we will meet in the beach of Sarwnjkoy' in the settlement of Beautiful Helen. Allocate also mountainous beauties in this region, with forests with pines, firs and graphic villages. For mountaineering is offered the term Zi'rja, that raises above the village Trikalas. In Korinthia it belongs also onomasti' loytro'poli the Loytrakj'oy, that are found in the Corinthian department of Sterea Hellas, that assembles thousands paracerjste's each year bathrooms in the coasts of so much Corinthian what Sarwnjkoy' Ko'lpoy.